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Why can't I login to STAR or access my study timetable?

Last modified 6 months ago

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration), your timetable system for on campus learning activities, may be closed for sorting or automated activities that are part of the timetabling process. If you can't access your timetable: Check the opening and closing dates of STAR to see if it's available. For short periods during each ...

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

How do I get my name badge for my placement?

Last modified 5 weeks ago

a login

Placements and Work Integrated Learning / Placements

Student: How often do I need to have my Access Plan reviewed?

Last modified 7 months ago

may no longer appropriately address your needs. If you or a faculty academic staff member finds

Develop an Access Plan

STAFF: WI - Xetta Finance user guide

Last modified 5 weeks ago

Student Central uses the Xetta cashiering system across each campus. Xetta processes transactions, records receipts and performs reconciliations. Accepted forms of payment: Cheque (in person on campus) Debit (in person on campus) Visa/Mastercard AB (Already Banked) The attached user guide outlines the steps: Create a receipt Amend a rece...

Staff Systems Support / Xetta

OneStop Secure User Guide for Student Central v1.2.pdf [view]

be when: • A new staff member needs access to OneStop. • There is a system issue. • Any help is required

I need an extension on an assessment

Last modified 22-08-2023 14:26:46

– e.g. death of a close family member , significant family and relationship problems Hardship/Trauma

Exams, Results and Assessment / Assignment Submission

Information for Academic Support Workers (ASW) - Note Taking

Last modified 9 months ago

staff member with less than 24 hours’ notice; AND If the equivalent hours cannot be found

Develop an Access Plan / DRC Services / Academic Support Workers

I've intermitted but can I extend this?

Last modified 8 months ago

on compelling or compassionate circ*mstances. These could include serious illness, the death of a family member

Enrolment Help and Changes / Intermission

What is STAR - Student Timetable Allocation and Registration?

Last modified 3 months ago

Student Timetable Allocation and Registration (STAR) is a personalised timetabling system. If you are enrolled in any on-campus units, you will use STAR to register your unit activity preferences. Before the start of each teaching period, you must login and select your preferences

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

How do I pay back HELP loans?

Last modified 29-08-2023 14:52:20

If you've taken out a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan, you'll need to start repaying your debt to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) through the tax system once you earn above the compulsory repayment threshold. You can also choose to make a voluntary repayment to the ATO at any time. You cannot make payments directly to Deakin fo...

Fees, Scholarships and Fin. Assistance / Fees / HELP

How do I change or add my major sequence, minor sequence or specialisation?

Last modified 4 months ago

To add, modify or withdraw a minor sequence, major sequence or specialisation (unit set): Login to the StudentConnect ‘Enrol in unit/course’ page Click on ‘UPDATE ENROLMENT’ and then ‘Major, minors, specialisations’ under the Enrolment Steps To add a new unit set, select ‘+ADD A MAJOR

Enrolment Help and Changes / Unit and Unit Set Selection

How do I create a Deakin IT account and generate my username and password?

Last modified 1 week ago

but you can't login , you can get help with locating your username and/or resetting your password.

Enrolment Help and Changes / First Time Enrolment

STAFF: WI - How to fix an error/amend Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) details

Last modified 9 months ago

. Step Action Screen 1 Login to PRISMS Select the CoE to amend (status must reflect Approve) 2 Click

Visa and Compliance / Confirmation of Enrolment Production

STAFF: WI - How to process a HDR Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) extension

Last modified 4 months ago

. 2 Login to PRISMS 3 Click Student/CoEs (located on left hand menu) 4 Locate student record. 5 Click

Visa and Compliance / Confirmation of Enrolment Production

STAFF: WI - How to produce an International Student Travel Pass code for international students

Last modified 17-07-2023 09:02:38

Purpose The resolution path for producing an International Student Travel Pass. Staff must clearly inform the student of the following before issuing a code: The payment is required in full once the code is issued and when applying online. Strictly no instalments or payment plans are available. Visit the PTV International Students Websit...

Transport and Travel / Concession or ISTPass

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