SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (1-5 Concurrent Users) - 12100 - per concurrent user Annual Subscription (2024)

  • Fast and easy remote control
  • Safe remote support with advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Essential endpoint support for everything from desktops to mobile devices
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Reporting engine
  • Monitoring and alerts

PN: 12100

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (1-5 Concurrent Users) - 12100 - per concurrent user Annual Subscription (1)

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

Deliver on-demand remote support from anywhere with our cloud-based solution.


Fast, simple, and lightweight cloud-based remote support.

SolarWinds® Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE): Designed to help IT professionals respond to and solve problems quickly. The right remote support solution doesn’t just connect techs to machines, it saves time and resources.

SolarWinds® DRE provides a uniquely powerful remote support solution for IT professionals to access nearly any platform or device to solve issues quickly. It delivers clear visibility and communication capabilities to solve technical problems fast and delight end users. Packed with all the features of premium, expensive solutions, DRE offers powerful tools, reporting, and session monitoring at an affordable price. Whether responding to a user support request or performing unattended maintenance, with DRE, technicians can complete any remote support function with minimum clicks and time.

Key Features

Dameware Remote Everywhere is a fast, simple, and lightweight cloud-based remote support solution, accessible from almost anywhere with an internet connection.

Fast Issue Resolution

When an end user has an issue, DRE helps you solve it fast. Avoid long connection or software response times.

Unattended Support

Don’t bother an end user unnecessarily; resolve their issues from behind the scenes.

From Anywhere to Everywhere

Get quick remote access from Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux to any desktop or mobile device such as Android or iOS.

High-Resolution Support

Crystal-clear visibility in HD, scaled by the capability of your network.

Fast remote control

Establish active sessions in no time.

Don’t waste time. SolarWinds® Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) typically connects to workstations in less than eight seconds to help you save time.

Safe remote support

Reach end users’ systems with safe remote support.

DRE is designed to help keep user data safe via advanced encryption protocols and support for two-factor authentication, as well as multilevel permissions.

Remote access to sleeping and powered-off computers

Don’t let unresponsive machines keep you from resolving IT issues.

Remotely connect to out-of-band computers with Wake-on-LAN support.

Thorough system information

Solve problems without disturbing the end user.

Get almost all the information you need to resolve an issue at the beginning of a support session. DRE gives you system info, BIOS, and device details, in addition to Windows event logs and updates.

Session information details

Save details for each session to share important troubleshooting information with teammates.

DRE allows you to take screenshots and record during the active session. Add notes to the end user’s request or to session details. You can also save recorded sessions in the cloud.

Reporting engine

Improve your help desk department’s performance with robust reporting.

Gain greater insight into your help desk team’s performance. DRE gives you session details, technician performance information, and end users’ survey summaries.

Live chat and video conference calls

Communicate quickly and conveniently with users during sessions.

Do you need to ask end users about their problems? Connect with them via pre-session or in-session chat, use VoIP, or make a video call without interrupting active sessions. All messages are automatically saved in session logs.

Lightweight ticketing system

Keep an eye on end-user requests without implementing a complex help desk system.

End users can request help through the DRE agent. Once requested, add notes to a ticket and assign it as needed.

Multi-monitor support

Workstations with two or more monitors are standard these days.

Gain visibility into workstations with multiple monitors. DRE allows you to switch between end users’ monitors with a single click.


Techs need sharp, powerful tools to diagnose issues quickly and ensure end users get the service they expect. DRE offers some of the most advanced troubleshooting, communication, and security features to get the job done fast and right.


DRE not only provides clear dashboards and data to help you optimize business efficiency, but also gives you tremendous flexibility to brand and configure elements for your organization. DRE also considers iron-clad security fundamental, so you and your end users can rest assured that data is designed to stay safe at every point in the support process.


A simple and pleasant end-user experience is always the IT support professional’s goal. Fast, simple connection and fluid communication are critical to making sure end users and technicians resolve issues swiftly, the first time.


Detailed Tech Specification


In-Session Features

• Session recording

• Session notes and search

• Missed session notifications

• Color and quality adjustment for high- to low-bandwidth users

• Fast video streaming

• Full-screen and fit-screen views

• Hide wallpaper and screen blanking

• Automatic keyboard translation mapping

• Block remote keyboard and mouse

• Session transfer and multisession handling

• Technician screen sharing

• Change terminal services session

• View-only (monitor-only) sessions

• Blank screen

• Pause session

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tools

• Run local batch script (system shell session)

• System CMD shell

• PowerShell®


• Windows 8 and 10 commands

• Force reboot and reconnect—in Safe Mode if necessary

• Restart and shutdown

• Terminal session access with user access selection

• Port and RDP forwarding

• Lock PC

• Prevent auto-sleep, auto-lock, and inactivity disconnects

• Blank screen

• Pause session

• Take screenshot

Communication and User Help Tools

• Remote printing for Mac® and Windows® on any printer

• Live chat

• VoIP

• Video conference call

• Laser pointer

• Switch presenter role

Dashboard Controls

• Basic system info (OS, CPU, RAM Network, Disc space)

• System health (temps, system info)

• BIOS and device details

• Video Controller and AV active

• Firewall on

• Applications and drivers

• Start-up programs

• Windows event logs and updates

Monitoring and Alerts

• Email Alerts

• Automatically run scripts

• Alert History


• One-click support requests

• Quick connect from startcontrol. com and 6-digit PIN

• Expected wait time information

• Position in support queue information

• Receipt of session links through email

• Live chat, VoIP calling, and video conference calls

• Pre-session chat

• Laser pointer

• Calling cards

• Automatic report receipt

• Post-session surveys



• Customization of Agent and Applet components

• Custom Terms of Service

• Email customization and branding

• PIN code expiration options

• Controls for idle session timeouts, expected wait time visibility, showing users their position in wait queue

• Mass deployment of agents to machines

Management Features

• Flexible and granular technician creation

• Multi-layer authentication

• Advanced device inventory

• End-user remote access capability

• Ability to organize by department

• SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere proxies

• Deferred support-request capabilities and queuing

• Custom warnings and communications

• Mandatory and optional surveys for end users

• Calling cards


• Real-time session monitoring

• Session History report with option to drill down into all details and export to .xls

• Session video recording with upload to cloud

• Real-time and historical technician performance

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SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (1-5 Concurrent Users) - 12100 - per concurrent user Annual Subscription (2024)
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